Spooky time is the best time~
Everything seems to have processed smoothly so the drive permissions are up and running again! I still appear to have a least two people that haven't given me a compatible email so if it's still not working for you please message me with a gmail or other email address that works with google drive and I'll fix that right up for you.

This is going to be a busy month, it looks right now like i'm going to do some 9S fansigns for my page next week and then the week after will be the VIP fansigns starring Scarlett here.  As for shoots I'll be posting...I'm going to have to wing it.  But this month I'll be starting to post shoots that were hosted on my page before but have been taken down since then. 

One more small change, now that I have a higher tier I realize it's silly and unfair for the $10 tier to get more 'scandalous' pictures than the $15 tier even if they are taken with a webcam or a cellphone, so effective immediately $10 tier will still get lingerie tests and other selfie things but stuff like bathtub shoots (which there will be several of next month, I promise)  and other things that involve what is 'nudity' in the technical sense, will now be relegated to $15 and up.

As always, thank you to my loyal supporters, I'd be doomed without you...and welcome to the newcomers, hopefully you'll like what I have to offer.  If not...well, there's plenty more to your taste on the internet, I imagine.