Spotify playlists, better organized
The other day someone (maybe it was one of you?) emailed and asked what happened to several of the Spotify playlists. I was confused, because I knew they were there. The problem was, my playlists get buried every time I make new ones. Then Dan showed me I could make FOLDERS and then dinner was two hours late because I had an organizationgasm. 

If you go to this link or the one in the header you can find all the books I have playlists for, and they'll stay tidy now because of how I have them organized on my sidebar. I don't think they're in folders for you, but they are for me which is SO IMPORTANT.

There are several in there which have never been in there before, so if you're into the soundtracks, this is a good time to go playing around. I had to recreate and redo some of the really old ones that were heavy on songs I owned rather than ones Spotify had--A Private Gentleman called for some major surgery, but I kind of like it better now. I may listen to it while I make dinner.

Anyway, there you are.