So I normally use Tamiya brand spray paint, their metallics are pretty on point and I like to seal all my toys with their Pearl clear. Its a light flake, not enough to be glitter, or metallic, or enough to be gloss. Its like a soft hazy semi-gloss, which photographs really well. 

Gloss/clear coat- I go with Mod podge or Upol, they both spray out really thick. The modpodge dries quick which I love. I also like that modpodge is only removable with acetone, where as the Krylon and rustoleum gloss coats not only take FOREVER to dry, they are removable with 99% alcohol. While they do spray out much finer. Tamiya is still finer still.

Color paint/ Especially large scale: Recently I have discovered mtn paints. I am in LOVE. They scent their paints to smell like vanilla... (Not sure if this is a good thing .. but I like it) they dry quick, and they coat pretty damn even. It sprays thick as well, so be careful for too many layers and Eggshell and over layering (Also never go primer, gloss coat, paint, this will cause cracking as they do not dry at the same rate. Why would you do this? Say you gloss coat and realized you missed a spot, so you think " I can just fix it real quick" dont do it!!!  Also worth nothing these colors are all pre Pantone matched and the Pms is available when you click the color on their website. in my line of work I am matching Pantones daily and this makes my job so so so much easier! Before mtn i was having to get color matches with a color gun at an autobody shop and 80% matches only. So pms is a dream! 

GLOW IN THE DARK PAINT!!! what the what?? thats right Montana brand has made a glow in the dark paint, and its amazing! They also have a hologram glitter paint, that I cannot wait to try! I will have a post about the GIDP soon!!!