Spread the word!!!
Happy Cinco de Mayo you crazy love bubbles ♡

In honor of it being MAY and a huge accomplishment/dream coming true 3 years ago, I'd like to give back a little this month as a huge THANK YOU!!!!

So here is the deal!

Everyone!!! Every Patreon this month ONLY will be recieving this Offical Playboy photo. I dont care if you are a $1 a month or a $60 a month... everyone will get one.

Wait... but what about those of you who are on level 20 and DO recieve a photo every month? Well, you will be recieving one of those Patreon exclusive prints just like every month PLUS this Playboy photo.

Pretty cool huh :p

ANYWAYS!!!! Playboy, everyone gets one! So tell your friends, tell your grandma, and pet dragon. Ypu have until May 31st to sign up!

:) #rockthebunny

-♡ Playboy Miss Social's Miss May... aka MEeeeee