Spring 2017 Anime Season Watch List and Schedule (First Attempt)
While there are still shows I haven't decided whether to keep or drop, I've done my first draft review schedule for the spring season. 

One thing I already changed is I now start my review week Monday (with my overview of the previous week having been moved to Sunday evening rather than Saturday). While it makes more sense for the week to begin Sunday, given its the first day of the week, I find I use Saturday and Sunday as a catch up if I've fallen behind during the previous week so having my overview out Sunday evening just makes more sense.

My usual posts (Top 5's, Feature, In Case You Missed It) will all still come out as usual as will period series reviews. I'm also still reviewing Haikyuu (Thursdays) and Hunter x Hunter (Sundays).

So what does the line up look like at the moment:

Monday: Sword Oratoria and KADO: The Right Answer.

Tueday: My Hero Academia and The Silver Guardian (Silver Guardian is a likely drop and if that happens I'll move another anime here from one of the busier days).

Wednesday:  Attack on Titan and Granblue Fantasy.

Thurday: The Eccentric Family, Alice & Zoroku and Grimoire of Zero (Alice & Zoroku is a possible drop).

Friday: Natsume Yuujinchou 6 and The Laughing Salesman (The Laughing Salesman I may drop).

Saturday: The Royal Tutor, World End (SukaSuka) and Akashi Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor (all three of these are possible drops depending on the next couple of episodes but they could all turn out to be perfectly watchable).

Sunday: Sagrada Reset.

So that's the current plan with lots of tentative titles in there but realistically there are 16 titles there and I was aiming between 10 - 12 so even if 6 get dropped I will still have enough content with series reviews and other posts to continue my three posts a day consistently and with 16 titles some days are going to end up with more posts at the moment.

Let me know what you think or if there's a title I haven't considered that you think I should check out (keep in mind I've already dropped Tsukigakirei, Armed Girls Machiaveillism, Sakura Quest, Love Tyrant and Clockwork Planet). I also passed on Twin Angels Break, Seven Mortal Sins, Room Mate and Hinako Note. 

Update: I've dropped Eromanga Sensei at episode 2.