Spring Cleaning, The Continuation...
Hi, everyone! It's high (hiiiiiiigh) time I actually got myself sorted out a bit, so I have made a passing attempt at reorganising the way Patreon works. Don't worry! There are very few changes, but the ones that do exist are pretty large and I wanted to go over them with everyone.

What's Removed

Review posts! This has been the biggest change and the one I've talked about most. I've just got around to removing them from the goals and the rewards. 

Early blog post access. Eagle-eyed readers will also notice that the early blog post access is gone because... Honestly I don't do a lot of blogging right now and it's misleading to have it there. In the event of blog posts, you actually still have that early access.

What's Added

Essays! This is the other major change I've decided to make and I'll explain it in more detail a bit further down, but the short version is: There will be moar essays about ace and aro representation. :O :O :O :O

The live reaction schedule for Princess Tutu! I'm so sorry to everyone who really wanted to see me rewatch Stargate: Atlantis. One day I'd like to make it up to you by actually watching it, but it'll have to wait until I have access to the whole show. Princess Tutu is one of the most amazing, meta shows I have ever watched, though, so I hope you'll enjoy it every bit as much and discover a new show through it.

Posting schedules! An attempt at one, at least. I've actually set up a posting schedule, so I can keep track of what I'm posting and where I could do better. Right now, it's still very bare bones and I may give up on it because schedules are my bane, but for now I really like it. (Mind you, when I say "bare bones" I mean "I added in all the live reactions for Princess Tutu and the short stories for the remainder of the year".)

Starting July, short stories will be posted on the last day of the month. That gives you all a set date on which to expect them and me leeway if something comes up and time frames are an issue. Which... they ought not to be provided I can stick to being ahead in my scheduling.

Voice posts! These will be sporadic, partially due to circumstances beyond my control, but I do enjoy them and want to keep doing them. I'd like to do at least one a month.

What's That about Essays?

Well. People seem to really like them so far and I honestly enjoy doing them, so I thought I'd work out a way to include them on Patreon. So I did! And there'll be some massive changes from the essays I've shared so far.

Please note: the following does not apply to the Ace and Aro Tropes essays I've scheduled for June 1st. It'd be mean to change it.

The way essays will work after the tropes essay is as follows:

- Until we hit the next goal on Patreon, all future essays will be available only to Patrons. I dislike doing this, but I think given the amount of work the essays I've written have been this is a fair goal and I hope you'll all agree. Upon hitting this goal, I'll start unlocking any and all essays that were previously locked.

- Essays will be written and posted sporadically until I can afford to dedicate more time and resources to them. Especially resources. If you're not affiliated with a university or research institute etc, research is expensive and it all comes out of pocket. However, after that I'll aim for an essay about asexual and aromantic representation every 2-3 months, giving myself 1 month to research it and 1 for Moonglow patrons to read it.

I am 100% open to suggestions and revisions. This is a provisionary timescale. I really, really want to produce high-quality essays and I'm still relearning how to confidently write them and what they entail, so I'm trying to set this up with more time than I actually need. That gives me a safety buffer and should, if I did it right, result in everyone seeing more work more quickly for your generous support rather than less over a longer period because I underestimated how much time and effort I'd need.

So. In short: For now, essays will go up for Patrons sporadically with an aim to start writing them regularly along with other fiction projects and daily life.

I'm still debating what the fairest way to give people some influence over essay topics is, so I'd love to hear your thoughts! :D

I think that about covers it. So... Are you excited about these changes? Is there anything you'd like to see added?

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