Spring Cleaning: Step 4 (Bring the Awesome)
I'm sorry for missing last Thursday's task, my friends. If you're a patron or get my Friday newsletter , you know that I lost my very dear cousin last week. I'm writing this today in my parents' living room, but not being in my own creative space shouldn't mean that you all should have to wait.

(If you're new to Spring Cleaning, find all the posts here.)

So! Last week we spent some time in our creative space, making stuff. And while we were making, we were also paying attention to the space itself. What's ace about it? What's not working?

Today, and over the next couple of days, it's time to get down to the real meat of it.

It's time to start making our space into what we want it to be.

Here's an example from my own space (I'm not in it right now, but I did make some notes last week before I left town!):

  • I have bins of pens on my desk. Why? There are like three or four of them, and I rarely use them. What can I use those bins for instead? What do I reach for elsewhere that I could instead put into place right in front of my face? Can I remove any of these bins entirely?
  • I crochet or knit fairly regularly at my desk. I keep a project handy, but it's on the floor next to my chair. I have to move it every time I need to get into the part of my desk it's in front of, and anyway it just looks messy. Is there somewhere else I can keep this project that's still handy, but not in the way?
  • My printer occupies an entire surface of my desk. I don't need it to be within reach, but I don't know if I can move it somewhere else. But if I could, what would I do with the space it takes up? As it is now, I have a pile of papers on top of the printer that I need to keep somewhat handy. Would moving the printer just make that pile reside ten inches lower down? I don't know. Worth thinking about.
  • I would like to do more paper-based making at my desk, but the desk surface is small so there isn't much room to spread out. Now that I've at least cleared it off and tidied it up, can I make it work? If I can't, where else could I do this kind of making?
  • I need to keep scissors more handy. (Those bins! Ah, yes.)

What kind of things can you tweak in your creative space to make the space work for you? Are there friction points you can smooth out? Materials you can move around?

Over the next few days: tweak! Move, rearrange, organize!

If you find yourself stuck, ask for help in the Facebook group. And as always, share your updates!

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