Spring Print - Take Sides (Rooster Print)
Hey there patrons and friends!  I'm excited to post this print mere days after shipping it out - thank you patrons for your patience.  I spent a lot of time thinking about what 2018's spring print could be.  I know spring is usually a time of renewal and rebirth - I wanted to do something that called upon the power of these things, especially with our current political climate.  Flipping through an old sketchbook, I found this quote by Elie Wiesel.  Often I'll jot down a quote that I want to make into a print and this one felt right for the season.

These prints feature spiders facing a terrible, dragon-like rooster.  The flashy, loud, powerful bird reaches out his tongue to the plain spiders - but they are not afraid.  Instead, they rear up to face the rooster.

Each print was digitally printed on card stock and the color has been individually hand painted, leading to some variations between prints.  I hope my patrons enjoy them.

For all others, there are four (!) prints left - available for sale on etsy!  Just look for AlmaSM.