Spring/Summer Music News From Ya Girl!
May is almost through, and many of you have been with me on Patreon since December. I am full of gratitude and really excited about what I'm currently working on and what's to come. 

I've made my last post available to ALL my patreon backers, so whatever you give, check it out! It's a LUB song. And one of the first real songs I've written on guitar. 

I love writing songs and singing so, so much, and thanks to all of you, I've been able to practice guitar, uke, take my mandolin to the repair shop, and pay to produce my next EP, produced by The Thermals' Hutch Harris with help from Jessica Boudreaux of Summer Cannibals. We record next week!

A lot of my new songs have themes about the state of the world, friendships, loneliness, romance, rage, revenge, and feeling out of control. I can't wait to share it with all of you!

I also recently recorded some backing vocals on two Doubleclicks songs for their new album, LOVE PROBLEMS. It was an amazing experience working with some of my BFFs and Danielle Ate The Sandwich. They're all musical geniuses and I was honored to get to sing with them. 

So I'm excited, and working hard for all of you, and myself, because I truly love it.  Thank you for all coming with me! <3 

Recent music jam recommendations: All the bands listed above, The New Pornographers, The Menzingers, Amanda Palmer, Carseat Headrest, Sugar, Alvvays, The Weakerthans, Regina Spektor, Dr. Something, Lorde