Sprite City series 1 (isometric sprites)
I have completed the isometric sprites i have been working on. 

They include, houses, roads, flats, cars, people, hospitals etc, and when they get put together they create a cool city.

This is the first time working with isometric style pixel art and i am really pleased with how they came out.

They are now on Opengameart website and also i am now a publisher on the Gamemaker Marketplace where you will find these too.

They are completely FREE to use for absolutely anyone that thinks they can use them, and have no copyright, so they can be manipulated or changed or whatever the user wants to do with them.

I have been slowly feeding these on to the websites (sadly my website doesn't have a download feature) and have been watching to see what the response is, and the feedback has been great, collectively they have had over 100 downloads, so i am delighted that they are being used in someway for other projects.

You will notice that i have done them in a "series". The reason i have done this is there are so many different styles of pixel art, and variations such as backgrounds & animations, i want to be able to practice them all and get a mixed library of assets. Then i can come back to that series and continue them and add more based on feedback/requests.

Thank you, as always for your continued support and generosity. It means a lot, if there is anything i can do for you then just let me know.


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