Sprite Might CHIBI (XP) Magic Girl Walking Set 01! NOW AVAILABLE for DOWNLOAD!
Made more to scale with RPG Maker XP's default sprites, but with the Sprite Might style and flair!! 

* There are 16 color variations of the magic  girl's walk cycle for you to use!

* Each individual sprite is 24 x 48 pixels.

* (Yes, I had to redraw the walk cycle from scratch to fit the new size.)

And!!  I included all her walk cycles already cut out and ready to pop into RPG Maker in two separate zip files, attached below! Both regular and in index formats!

(*It's a little hard to see the download, but please click on the file icons below the title pic to get your sprites!) 

This collection of walk cycles  will be made available to the public on August 1st, 2016.

Please see more at my deviantart page!

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