Sproutsnout Wallpaper Pack for December 2016!
There is a .zip file attached to this post containing a desktop and phone version of this wallpaper! It will be located in a different place depending on where you are reading this post, either at the top below the header image, or at the bottom of the post.

The craziness of the holidays + moving prep left me without any time to poll Patrons last month, I apologize! $2+ donators will get a wallpaper poll for this month very soon! But in the meantime...

Since I did the Popplio family wallpaper a few months ago, I've been itching do do the other two starters... this started out with a similar composition to the last one but ended up with this lone high flying Incineroar. I hope you like it anyway!

If you're a Patron reading this, thank you so much as always for your donation! Last year was mostly quiet, but you'll get to see some cool stuff once I get moved and settled in! I want to make more comics aside from Jailbird this year, I'll be getting back to colorizing Book One, and I want to maybe make a game??? I also want to start a shop for physical goods like small print comics, art prints, buttons and more. This is all stuff you'll get to see and get before anyone else!

If you're not a Patron and you enjoy my work, whether it's these monthly wallpapers, Jailbird, No Marios, or anything else I've ever done, please consider making a monthly donation so I can keep doing what you love forever!!!

Happy new year, everybody!