As in, it's nearly time to say goodbye to Spring and hello to Summer.

/deepbreath... wow, it has been busy around Synphaera HQ, both North and South divisions! As Synphaera, as a label, gains more ground, we get more and more submissions from outside artists. Some people we know already, some new introductions, and some pleasant surprises. 

Our next release, in fact, is from a project that's new to the Synphaera family, and I'll be making a post about it in a few minutes - that album is due in just over two weeks.

We also have three new Ascendant tracks to post here over the next few weeks from the Patreon-exclusive Excursions in Light album. The Space tracks are also continuing, and we are preparing an Ascendant track for the next Synphaera V/A album due for release in July.  All this and laying the pre-production groundwork for the next Ascendant album, that if all goes to plan, we be ready for you in the fall. Oh yeah, an prepping for a live show for next weekend!

Yes, it's busy - in the best possible way.