Spyro the Dragon OST Remake - Magic Crafters

One theme which I remember to this day is Magic Crafters theme. Magic Crafters is the third homeworld in Spyro the Dragon. This land comes across as an extravagantly royal place, with marble-like walls and floors in the caves. The walls are also covered in elaborate designs and the caves seem to be lit almost magically. Throughout the homeworld, there are small ponds where enemies are sometimes seen running around.

Magic is very obvious in this land. There are druids in this world who have control over the movement of platforms, walls and land among many others. This is also the first land in which Spyro finds a Supercharge. You must collect at least 1,200 gems to access this world. 

I played Spyro the Dragon when I was little and I was amazed and instantly taken into its colorful locations and imaginative world, and of course it's music. I spent hours finding all the gems and seacrets, I even revisited many old places and one of the thing affected to that was the music made by Stewart Copeland. Every song is truly catchy. Spyro OST has quality songs, I'm here to remaster them.