Squeaky Bruiser Update
Sorry I miss my post last week. We were out of town for our 15th wedding anniversary and thought I would have time to post while there, but the internet was soo slow. We had a lovely time and got to visit our favorite places in Yachats, OR. We also visited Coos Bay and think I found a great little shop to offer my cards. Will see...

Squeaky Bruiser has turned out to be a very difficult painting to scan. It is a very glossy painting, painted on hard board and with stand oil. We bought a better scanner to pick up more of it's fine detail but its darkness and glossyness make it very difficult for the scanner to perceive the depth. When we've tried shooting it outside in the sun, the colors look amazing, but the camera reflected on the surface. This image is the best that the husband has been able to get. The print order has been paid for and is ready to receive the image but we've just not been happy with it yet. The Calico painting is on it's 5th proof and getting very close. Again, the dark background has been very difficult to calibrate. We do apologize for card subscribers. We are trying to get them out soon. I promise to send out extras once they come in.

On another note, I found out yesterday that I am a finalist on the Art Renewal Center Salon competition!!! I submitted 3 animal portraits; Snoopy, Lucky Blue and Precious. There are some pretty big hitters on this finalist list including my favorite artist Arantzazu Martinez. Winners will be announced early November. I feel so honored just being selected as a finalist which makes my work a permanent part of their museum site and catalog.  (eeee! ; ) )

I've been painting on the wee paintings some more. Started one of a squirrel with a major caffeine problem and keep pushing to finish the other little ones. Will need to start searching for frames for such little paintings. The gallery on the coast, Touchstone, would like to show them whenever they are ready. 

On a self development note, I signed up to a few online classes starting in a couple of weeks.  I'll be working on digital painting and illustrating, writing children picture books and ethical online marketing/blogging. I've got more than a full schedule that's for sure!

Will try to have some updates on paintings this Friday.

Happy Hump Day!  : )