Squee and Visualizations
Ohmigosh, you guys!  I'm half-way to goal 1!  That's AMAZING!  I am all a flutter now.  And need to go look at my tarot deck wishlist, since I haven't done that in a while.  This will be fun-- plus, I can look at new decks and maybe add something I haven't ever seen before!  woot!  

Speaking of, I am currently using the Stephanie Pui-Mun Law deck most often.  But I also have the Steampunk, Shakespeare, and Justice League decks that occasionally get broken out and used.  Tomorrow, depending on time and energy, I might take a picture of the space I use most often for tarot readings, and the bags I am keeping my decks in.  I definitely want to make weekends "fun," which to me means more lighthearted entries and more pictures.  

A few days ago, I mentioned that I'd pulled 2 cards from my Creative Visualizations deck.  Over on FB, a friend messaged me to ask if it was the Shakti Gawain book, and I had to explain that no, it's not the book, it's a deck of 50 cards.  It's a lovely, tall deck, with a magnetic box to keep them in and everything.  It's fabulous.

I have a thing for cards.  I have several oracle decks and an "answer deck" and goddess cards and totem cards...  If I could find some "god" cards, I'd be so happy.  At the moment, I have a bunch of slips of paper with god names on them.  But I digress...

Jan 1, I pulled one "month" card and one "year" card from the Visualizations deck, hoping for a positive message for the year.  I'd already decided on my mantra, which I've been writing diligently every day in my paper journal.  I decided yesterday to dedicate the year to living like Carrie Fisher:  loudly, without caring what other people think, open and vulnerable and completely *myself.*  

(That's actually quite a challenge for me.  I am glad to be myself, but I am often very constrained by social norms.  Carrie was decidedly *not* so constrained, and I am working on figuring out which ones I'm going to emulate her in, and which ones I am happy to live within.)

The "year" card is actually perfect for this.  This year's Visualization is "My Life is a Work of Art."  The back goes into greater detail and encourages creative thinking, and finding new ways to express yourself.  It talks about how you can use every moment to create your reality, and that you are free to choose the same things, or try new ones.  

This is a powerful thought.  We truly are free in many ways, even though we may see ourselves as trapped by day-to-day responsibilities or drudgery.  (Or finances.  I know that feeling, too, my friends!)  I did my dishes this morning with an eye to finding the beauty in it.  A weird splotch of food on the plate became "hey, is that a giraffe?  Look at that, the leftovers look like a giraffe!" and I spent the entire time giggling and making a game of it.  

I think, especially in this time of so much fear and division, looking at how you can create is powerful in and of itself.  Create fun.  Create beauty.  Change other people's lives by being that spot of sunlight for them.  

I'll discuss the January Visualization card tomorrow.  But its message is "I accept my resistance and move forward."  This one sounds like yoga to me.  I look forward to using it as I work through physical therapy!