Squee! with Bjo Trimble

Squee! interview with Bjo Trimble. She discusses her experiences as a woman in science fiction fandom, being friends with luminaries such as Forrest Ackerman & Robert Bloch and her part leading the successful fan-led campaigns to save Star Trek and name the space shuttle "Enterprise".   

"Bjo Trimble was the original Star Trek: TOS BNF and supporter of the show. She and her husband, John Trimble, assisted Gene Roddenberry in setting up Lincoln Enterprises and was put in charge of answering the deluge of fan mail. She edited newsletters, wrote articles in many zines, and started the letter-writing campaign called Star Trek Lives! to bring the show back after it had been threatened with cancellation. Trimble also created The Star Trek Concordance with Dorothy Jones Heydt." - Fanlore.org