Sri Lankan Cooking Club: Eggplant, Potato, and Peapods
I've gotten a little behind on Sri Lankan cooking club, mostly because the next things I was planning to make are somewhat ambitious, and I have been too sick to do ambitious cooking -- sorry, folks. If I'd been thinking, though, I would have written up and photographed what I made for lunch yesterday, because it came out really well. I was just trying to use up leftover veggies. Here's a rough version.

Cut two Japanese eggplant into small dice, in a bowl, mix with one t. salt and one t. turmeric, set aside. Dice two small onions, sauté in oil or ghee with mustard seed, cumin seed, curry leaves. Add one T minced ginger, three chopped garlic cloves. Peel three small potatoes (about the same volume as the eggplant), dice to the same size as the eggplant pieces. When onions are golden, add potatoes and stir occasionally until mostly cooked, about ten minutes. Drain liquid from eggplant (it will have given off some water) and blot dry with paper towels. Add eggplant to pan, mix well, and fry an additional 5-10 minutes. While that's cooking, chop up some pea pods (green beans or sugar snap peas would also work well -- or just frozen peas). Add to pan and sauté a few minutes more. Serve hot with rice or bread.