Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul - 2.8.1

 Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul - v.2.8.1

The mods main download page  can be found here

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The most recent changelog can be found here. 

  • The changelog is updated publicly before release days. This gives you tl;dr detailed information about specifics for this update.


There is a .txt document included in the download to walk you through installing SCCO. 
If you have any suggestions, questions, or issues please join my Discord for more help! 

Before installing, be sure to remove all previous versions of SCCO & Clear your Cache!
How to Install Guide Here

Update 2.8.0 to 2.8.1 -

Added Translations: German, Spanish

Added new patch recipes, All the following recipes can now be found on the grill.

  • Chimichurri Skewers
  • Asado
  • Grilled Plantains
  • Pinchos
  • Choripan
  • Elote
  • Polo A La Brasa
  • Chimi


This mod comes with the following translations:

  • | Chinese - Thanks to 初雨芳菲 
  • | French - Thanks to MaiaGame
  • | German - Thanks to Nightlock
  • | Italian - Thanks to TheMoonGlitch 
  • | Russian - Thanks to  Origamika
  • | Spanish - Thanks to  Dianuckethead
  • | Czech - Thanks to Xeria
  • | Finnish - Thanks to Caigel
  • | Swedish - Thanks to Lakire 
  • | Polish - Thanks to Czahri
  • | Portuguese (BR) - Thanks to  Marshmallow Llamacorn 
  • Korean (Download Here - Not Included)



Journey to Batuu 

First up this update, we have changes to the 12 new "Star Wars" recipes. Each recipe now calls for different EA/SCCO ingredients to make the dish. 

Also with the "Star Wars" pack we have 2 rabbit-hole locations in Batuu where you can go and order food. By EA default you could only purchase single (1) and family (4) serving sizes from the "Docking Bay 7" and "Ronto Roasters". You can now also purchase party (8) serving sizes as well. This file for the expanded 8 serving size is in the optional files for those that do not want it. :) 

For Journey to Batuu, there is a new "Cookbook: Batuu" which will teach you all of the new recipes from the world of Batuu without having to travel there and taste them all first! 

You can purchase this new cookbook from the "Buy Cookbooks" menu on any bookshelf. 

All of the Batuu recipes can be made at home, and found in the "Cook" menu on any fridge/stove.

New Ingredients - Eco Lifestyle

With Eco Lifestyle we received the "Meat Wall" which produces "Faux Meat Cubes". Instead of having to "grow" your meat and harvest one at a time. You can now purchase "Package of Faux Meat Cubes" from the "Buy Groceries" menu. This package can be opened to get 6 individual "Faux Meat Cubes" to use in your recipes.

New SCCO Recipes

With this update there are 5 new Vampire related recipes! 

  • Plasmatica Beer - An alcoholic (works with basemental drugs) beverage that can be made on any bar as well as the ability to grab a bottle from the "Adult Drink" custom menu on the fridge.
  • Plasma Potato Dumplings - Comes in Single (1), Family (4), and Party (8) serving sizes. Can be made from the "Vampire Meal" menu on any fridge/stove.
  • Plasma Sweet Potato Pie -  Comes in Single (1), and Party (8) serving sizes. Can be made from the "Vampire Meal" menu on any fridge/stove. 
  • Plasma Ube Ice Cream - You can craft this from the make custom "Ice Cream" menu on the ice cream machine. 

Storage Fruit Bowls

I have added a new optional file that turns all of the EA decor "Fruit Bowls" into storage boxes. These will function as "Fridge Storage". Each fruit bowl has the ability to "open". There are also two new interactions to "Store Fruits" and "Take Fruits" from the bowl. So you can quickly put away/take a snack at any time!

This addon overrides the following "Fruit Bowls":

  • Base Game: Fine Bowl of Fruit, Bowl of Fruit 
  • Backyard Stuff: Taste of Tart 
  • City Living: Golden Bowl of Fruit 
  • Parenthood: Bountiful Platter 
  • Island Living: Tropical Fruit Bowl

Custom Recipe/Harvestable Compatibility

I have added all new recipes by the following creators to the "Make Customs" menus for SCCO. 

Icymunmun, LittlBowBub, Oni, Robin, Aroundthesims4, and KawaiiStacie

If you would like links to all the items added this patch so you can download them please check the "changelog" linked at the top of this post.

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