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SpiritSong Updates Mondays and Wednesdays! ==================== Navigation: (Prev) Cover - (Next) Page 2 - ==================== Sorry this page is so late! I'm not the best at backgrounds so it took longer than expected to get this page done. I'm pretty happy with the result though! And if you have yet to notice, I will also mention that I'm changing my update schedule from 2 pages every MWF to 1 page per day from Monday-Thursday. The previous schedule was just a bit too much for me to handle right at the start. SpiritSong will now be updated every Monday and Wednesday! ----------- Like this comic? Support it on Patreon to keep it going! This comic is also posted on Tapastic! Follow me on Deviantart! ------------ SpiritSong Concept and Art (c) Jared M Sanders
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