SSD issue without any news
Well so far the SSD issue has moved nowhere. It broke on the 14th, I took it back to the shop on 15th. Now, on the 27th, it moved absolutely nowhere. They did accept the complaint and component but still they didn't even check if it is actually broken or not. Meanwhile I am in my bedroom recording on my dated dv5 HP laptop. While the insides of my main computer are all over the living room. BTW - contrary to the popular belief, I loved the SSD I had. It was as hell and I would recommend it to anyone. The component I had was: OCZ Agility 4 128GB / SSD / 2.5" / SATA III / Indilinx Everest 2 / read 400MB/s / write 300MB/s. Can anyone recommend a good SSD 16 months later (I mean now)? With the donations I received I can get an upgrade (that is in case they refund me as I requsted and won't try to replace it) which would be great. I am looking for something fast, doesn't have to be extra big - as this will be a system disk read/write is of the essence. I would also like to avoid possible future fails (even though faulty components happen all the time - no grudges held).