[SSE] H2135's Modern Series3 CBBE 3BA & BHUNP CBPC-SMP Bodyslide


One of my favorite outfits I've released so far.


  • Sexy noble concept outfits
  • Public version includes Black only
  • Patron version includes Black, B&W, Brown, Cobalt, Green, Olive and Red





How to get this armor in game 

  • I didn't add any recipe for the outfits so you need to use the console command or use one of the greatest mods in skyrim history, AddItemMenu from Nexus


  • (BHUNP) This mod supports BHUNP SSE v1.82
  • (CBBE 3BA) This mod supports CBBE 3BBB v1.50


Public version Download

Patron version Download

  •  You can download it from [SSE] Download -> modern series in discord 

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