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[SSFF] Dino Crisis 3 (Xbox) Is It Really That Bad?
All hands to starboard, we're back to settle some unfinished business! We've reviewed Dino Crisis 1 and 2, now it's time to see if Dino Crisis 3 is as bad as they say.


We're going to make IIRTB? a monthly show, so we need some feed back from you all! Do you like episode that are more review-centric, actually trying to break the game down into why it's bad or not that bad? Or maybe just hanging out, goofing on bad games? I feel like for this episode we tried to split the difference and I think it came out really well (Grace was worried she wasn't funny) but we're still shooting from the hip. What would you want to see in future IIRTB?'s?


And the next episode of Punching Weight will be "Hidden / Secret Remasters", as voted on by you supporters here! And Grace is working on the next Past Mortem, "Guillermo del Toro Tries to Makes A Video Game", plus Eric Lappe and I have begun working on a collaborative EDF 4.1 review so lot's of new stuff coming your way!

Thanks as always for the support! We wouldn't be able to work on so many projects without it!