We would like to thank our patrons for their patronage. Since we have almost reached our first goal (see the goals to the left on the overview tab for a full list), we decided to jumpstart a feature from goal #2; adding SSL security to the site.

This is a small change but an important one for the new site (the new one we're working on), as it will allow people to be sure that their login is securely encrypted. In short: the new site will feature web-logins; they have to be secure.

The site is now reachable securely via https://www.xa-speakers.org. 

We will be making some fine-tuning to this in the coming days, which might cause the site to become temporarily unavailable as we test a few settings…which is why we're mentioning it beforehand. 

Just rest assured that any glitches won't be permanent. After all, we're here for the long haul… 

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