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Stabbin' Stature
It's a running joke between Cam and I that to keep up his reputation, Hancock casually stabs someone every time a new wastelander arrives to Goodneighbor. Whoever he can find near the gate. It doesn't matter.

The idea was originally inspired by this and I guess you can take it as a continuation of Stabbin' Stature. I didn't intend to make a two-page long filler comic so instead of charging you for both pages I'll post them together.

In the meantime: WELCOME NEW PATRONS and thank you for subscribing! I'm in a rush finishing merch for the first con I'll ever attend as a seller, doing a guest page for my friend's webcomic and hopefully opening commissions later this month. Because of all this I'm not sure I can guarantee another page in September but I'll try my best!

You might notice that I didn't make the deadline and August was the first month when I didn't publish anything. This is exactly why I set a pay-per-page system! I value your support just the same though and patron raffles will be held as usual! You can expect these sometime mid-September.

Thanks again and have a great weekend! ^^