Thursday, June 1, 2017:
The day begins with the meticulous Virgo Moon forming the First Quarter phase to the chatty Gemini Sun. This may pit your industrious dedication to work against your desire for simple social connections. Should you get your work done or go out and chat over coffee with a friend? Not always an easy decision on a day like this!
At 11:23 AM EDT, you will find it easier to settle on one direction or the other as Venus, the planet of pleasure and social graces, forms a flowing trine aspect to Saturn, the planet of responsibility and determination. Whatever choice you make will deliver stable benefits and grace under this influence. You can bring beauty and style to your work or responsibility and structure to your social interactions.
At 2:15 PM EDT, when the Moon opposes elusive Neptune you will want to take a break to meditate or simply daydream. Allow compassion to color your interactions with others as you move into the evening hours.

Image credit: Marine 03 by Ioanamt via Wiki Commons