Staff Interviews: Reed DeLuca
Hi patrons & friends! 

This morning – as some of you may have noticed – things are little different on our Patreon blog! We have a public post! Whoo-hoo! 

We're posting publicly to give new friends – hi! – a sneak peak at what great content we provide for our patrons. Starting with a Staff Interview with me, Reed, one of our Patreon coordinators. 

What do you do at Rogues Portal?

I'm the books editor at Rogues Portal! That means I get to do cool things like coordinate our Rogues Portal Book Club. We read a book together over the course of a month and then we "meet" on our Twitter page to answer discussion questions written by the month's host! (The #RPBookClub fun is non-stop on our patrons-only Slack Channel, too!) 

I also help out with our Patreon page. I write a monthly Dispatches From Fandom column and organize our Staff Interviews and our Meet the Patrons features.

What was the first part of “Geekdom” that you truly, truly loved – your first fandom?

That's kind of a tough question. If we define my first fandom as the first thing I ever read fic for, it's Twilight. (I know, I know – but listen… making teen girls feel bad about liking things is Bad. Wanna talk about how Twilight is romanticizes abuse? I'm down. Wanna talk about how Twilight is shitty because teen girls like it? I'll pass.)

But if we're defining my first fandom as something I wrote fanfic for and thought about 24/7… it's definitely Harry Potter. 100%. 

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I'd wanna be a witch, Tiffany Aching style. Give me that sweet chalk folk magic. Also a frying pan.

I think everyone has that One Character they identify with the most. Who is yours?

Bellamy Blake from The 100! He's a complex dude and has made some shitty choices, but it all comes from the right place. He's really protective of the people he loves. He's willing to cross lines that other people wouldn't for those he's chosen as part of his family.

On kind of a sadder note, he has a pretty difficult relationship with his sister, which I relate to almost too hard. 

On kind of a lighter note, he's a huge history and classics nerd – both of which are my undergraduate majors. We're cool like that. 

Also, he's kind of an anarchist and that's definitely my style.

What do you like to do when you’re not helping out at Rogues Portal?

In my hilariously scant free time I like to be outdoors! I cycle everywhere and try to hike whenever possible. I live in New England, so we have some pretty good hiking right in my backyard! 

I also play Dungeons and Dragons and enjoy crying over fictional characters, as one does.

Are there any indie creators (writers, artists, podcasters – you name it!) that you want everyone to get obsessed with?

A few friends of mine have an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast called Dungeons and Lesbians that I'm pretty obsessed with. They're really funny and it's the best fantasy Warped Tour there ever was. I also recently watched The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo which was DELIGHTFUL. Freckle for president 2020. 

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