As you guys might have noticed I'm dealing with a stalker problem at the moment. That person is robbing me of my time and nerves and I probably dedicate too much attention and time to this but I can't accept that someone is using the name Get Germanized and my pictures to act as if he/she was me. You would think such a big "fan" would know using my identity will piss me off but no. That person keeps ignoring my messages and even deletes my post on his fake page. So I gave him/her a fair few warnings and some days to take down the fake page(s). Nothing happened. So I wasted multiple hours to issue copyright claims for the different social networks and scanned my ID so they see it's really me. I don't know if this will make the person take down the pages but this just ruined my day and disturbs my workflow. I'm super busy atm preparing videos for the time I'll spend in Cologne because of VideoDay, GamesCom and other things and this just keeps throwing me off. I'm willing to take this to court if nothing happens since this is my work and passion. Here are some of the fake pages I'm talking about: And here's the person who most likely made them: He pledged a dollar on Patreon to me once and when I didn't respond to his every message he got angry and said "I thought we were friends". He never paid that dollar either :P Sorry for this little rant but I needed to vent...which also wasted more of my time -_-