Stalker's Gray Area: Prologue
hey there! i didn't have any plans to start making the first story on Patreon active yet, but now that the first patron is here, i should think of trying harder for my beloved stories and children, huh?

with that said, i decided to write up the prologue. you're the first to lay eyes on it. as a patron, from now on, feel free to give me feedback, opinions, suggestions, and questions or comments. i will be open to hearing anything from anyone. just please be respectful.

PUBLIC VIEW: Prologue and Chapter 1 are free to read, but the rest of the story is for Patrons only. 

Title: Stalker's Gray Area [thoughts on this new name?]

Type: Long, ongoing, short stories, paid on Patreon ($1 a month)

Status: Active, slow updates

Where to read and comment: Toyhouse and Patreon

Rating: 18+ / Mature / R

Characters: View profiles here

Summary: Eliot (AKA El) and Garnet (AKA Garnie) are a couple, but their relationship is not all roses and rainbows. They both keep not-fun secrets from each other, and they like it that way. They are meant to have fun with each other, but at the same time, they are completely committed. Despite their secrets, El knew how to defend Garnie, and Garnie knew when to let El be. However, when Garnie's exes from college find his new hideaway in El's house, it threatens to change their relationship based on trust and fun. El's past, in turn, will catch up to them.

Important notes: This may be published as a book in the future. Therefore, I will not be including Eliot or Garnet's Closed Species traits. They will be humans. I will write spin-off stories for patrons only that feature El and Garn with their CS traits, too. Their original art designs belong to sigfuno @ DA.

Also, chapters that contain mature or adult content such as violence or sexual themes will always have a warning at the top.

Read prologue on Toyhouse where link given above (if you have an account, send a join request) and Google doc here. Chapter one was started some months back and put on hold, but will hopefully complete and post this month.