#StandAgainstCensorship by taking action: 10 powerful things you can do NOW to take back your freedom from the “techno tyrants”...

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 Monday, March 05, 2018 by: Mike Adams
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(Natural News) Your ability to speak freely is under extreme assault as YouTube, Facebook, Google and Twitter are now pursuing the most outlandish censorship purge they’ve ever attempted. (They’re going for broke to desperately try to control the narrative on everything…)

At stake is our very democracy, for without the ability to engage in public debate that’s free from interference by the tech giants, we no longer have the knowledge base from which a sustainable democracy can exist at all. Censorship is tyranny, and it is by definition anti-democratic. Censorship by the tech giants is a form of bullying aimed at selected political targets to silence their views and expel them from public discussion or debate.


10 powerful actions you can take starting NOW...


ACTION ITEM #1) Call your representatives and demand a Dept. of Justice criminal investigation into YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter.

  • The capitol switchboard number is (202) 224-3121

 ACTION ITEM #2) Tweet the @Youtube team with the hashtag #StandAgainstCensorship 

 ACTION ITEM #3) See the new website REAL.VIDEO Natural News, InfoWars, Gateway Pundit, Activist Post, SGT Report, Dave Hodges and many other prominent independent media channels have already confirmed they wish to participate.


ACTION ITEM #4) See all the videos YouTube banned by visiting VIMEO

  • All my videos banned by YouTube are available right now at Vimeo.com/healthranger
  • There, you can see 1,920 videos that YouTube has banned.

 ACTION ITEM #5) Download the Natural News app to completely bypass all online censorship  See the download links at this article page 

 ACTION ITEM #6) Read Censored.news daily  Censored.news brings you near-real-time updates ...

 ACTION ITEM #7) Type your favorite websites URLs directly into your browser… stop relying on Facebook, Reddit or Google to “feed” you information 

 ACTION ITEM #8) Support the sponsors and retail operations of your favorite websites that are being targeted with censorship ...

 ACTION ITEM #9) Walk away from Facebook, YouTube and Google ...

 ACTION ITEM #10) Start publishing your own content and join the march against censorship and tyranny ...


  • We need a new wave of independent, informed voices to start publishing articles, podcasts and videos that question the status quo and denounce the techno-tyranny of the lunatic Left.
  • Check out Real.Video for an exciting new way to share your content without centralized censorship.
  • Publish your videos to your own user account at Vimeo.com or post podcasts at SoundCloud.com. Check out D.Tube and other alternative sources that resist blatant censorship.

The revolution is here! And you’re invited to help win it for freedom and liberty. 🙂

– Mike