Standing together Sunday (lets be the hope, needed to change the world)
Hey family! Hope that you are having a Standing together Sunday!

The Spiritual Weatherman reports: TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!! And it always will be!!! Some food for thought: 

Hey Family, just wanted to start out this Sunday, by wishing you all well, and sending out HOPE, to everyone, for a better future, a better life, and a better sense of happiness.  We don’t talk much about “Faith” per say here on the report, regarding individual religious, because we don’t want anyone to feel alienated, or set apart, from the beauty that was placed in all of us, and that lies at the center of our hearts, waiting to come out of us, and manifest itself as beauty; Art, music, architecture, sculptures, this is how that beauty, that was placed inside of us, from the beginning, manifests itself, through us, using art as its medium, if we wish to tap into it. 

Helping ourself, is a major topic for us, we seek inner transcendence, but that cannot be attained, unless the intention is to help others; You can’t just help yourself, for yourself, and turn a blind eye to those who suffer, no, we must help ourselves, SO THAT we can help others.  So that everyone can see, theres another way to live, there is another way to center ourselves, and there is invite ways to worship.  Worship,  what a word right? Worship what? Worship who? Where, when, why, what? At its core tho, it is simply the calling we all have, to look up, and respect the values and beauty of life, and all its creations, and its creator; whoever to you, that divine force may be, makes no difference, it is the action, not the words that matter.

Man, is man, man is fallible, man makes mistakes, man can be brutal, but man can also be compassionate, inspiring, brilliant, loving, helping; they can be a protective force in the world. A man can inspire hope in millions (when i say man, i am referring to mankind, including both man and women just to clarify that lol) and even more, we can all stand up, and take our rightful place on this earth; we all deserve to live freely and happily. We all deserve to live in the light, and live in abundance. From our birth; the most innocent form of all humanity, we are given these rights, not by man, but by God, and it doesn’t matter what god you believe in, everyone, and every religious book, speaks to this same truth.  We are protected and can live a better life if we so choose to, all we need do is respect ourselves, respect others, and live within a moral code that calls for peace not war, for love not hate, for coexistence not seclusion, and for acceptance, not discrimination. So go out today, literally, take up your torch, your cause, you deserve to live a life, that provides you with happiness. We’ve said over and over again, our concept is simple, look within, look outwards, and then look up.  Don’t work backwards, everything starts with yourself… Once we truly love, respect, and accept ourselves, we can then begin the next step, too look outwards and help others, and from there…. looking up isn’t something you will do, its something that will happen to you. So lets all have some faith today, it doesn’t have to be in anything your uncomfortable with, just have it in yourself!  You are worthy, you do deserve everything life has to offer, and you deserve to feel, the amazing feeling, that comes along with helping others, and teaching others, through our own failures, and lessons, so that they can live, without making the mistakes of their predecessors.  


-The Spiritual Weatherman