Standing Tall Sunday (intention & love)
Hey family! Hope that you are having a Standing Tall Sunday! The Spiritual Weatherman reports: TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER! And it always will be! 

Some food for thought: “Every decision you make, you either make out of fear, or you make it out of love”

Its Sunday, and though we may forget it, this is basically the most important day of the week. We have a chance, just as the seasons have, the right to change; to change our mindset about the coming week, about how we feel, and how we can make changes today to set us up for a positive week.  We control our own misery, and we can just as easily turn it off, by turning on our perception of the love, and beauty that lies all around us, we get the chance to look at tomorrows first breathe differently.  We get a chance to not worry about our fears of the future, of our mistakes made in the past.  We get a chance to truly say, “I’m just gonna live today out, and be the best version of myself, because i know, tomorrow is not guaranteed”.

With a powerful mindset in place, theres nothing that can overcome your will.  You will, only ever be stronger, and more intentional in action, as your will is at a given moment.  This is why every moment is so important.  Opportunity lies in wait for us all the time, we just either can’t see it at the moment, or we missed it, which most of us do; because why be focused on a hypothetical situation, that may or may not change your life?!?! Were late for work right? lol. So go out.  Make your decisions with intention and love, and you will never regret them.  Make them under the influence of fear, and more often than not, we lose focus, and let our fear and anger control us.  WE ARE THE MASTERS OF OUR BODIES, emotions are their to help us contextualize situations, and to better understand ourselves.  Don’t be afraid to explore your emotions, they will always be there, waiting for you to come to terms with unresolved issues. Love will guide you if you truly live an feel the effect, that you have on yourself.  Be the masters of you body, mind, and soul; find your balance.

May the rest of your day be filled with nothing but peace love and good vibes. Today and always! 💯❤🙌🤘⚡🤖⛈💥🌎🤜🏼✌🏼🔥🙏💯

-The Spiritual Weatherman