Stanley: A little Miracle #1
 I made several of these.
This is a reference to Nichijou where they’ do tiny skits of different things, one of my favorites where “A little miracle” where tiny things would happen, good things would happen. Symbolizing that you never know what could happen, and it can really brighten up your day. That even the tiniest things can make a day even better.

In the first 3 that I made (which took all day mind you haha) I made the orphan bunnies younger. Cause I’ve never really shown off their younger age. But this is before Stanley meet Willy.

While taking a drink at a nearby river (since not a lot of ways to get a drink), Stanley notices literally a rainbow of fish swimming by, which makes him somehow feel like he should look up to his surprise to see a rainbow in the sky. To a little kid, that’s always something special to look at. Certainly a little miracle.

In this Stanley is about 4 years old. (yes they’ve been orphaned for a long time)