Star Space (the game) version 1.25!
I'm just about to start testing out "the Atomizer" special character, and when I do it's going to break the game, so I wanted to make sure y'all have a version which is smooth and everything works right, with proper fleeing and all the kinks worked out, juuuust before I start putting Atomizers in. Something like this might be like what the eventual free version of the game looks like. With no special troops. But the Atomizer is going to be able to destroy objects, and tons of other cool stuff.


-Added a new form of cover: "light" cover. Lighter than soft cover, this is from fences, tall grass and firing across swamps. Light cover has no effect unless an Atomizer is being fired at you...

-Hills now block firing more.

-You no longer earn 5 credits per kill. Instead, each soldier has a value, and you earn their value when you kill them. Credits are now worth 0.1 victory point each istead of 1 each.--grunt: 50--sniper: 70--comms guy/flamethrower guy/grenade launcher guy: 100 --sergeant/atomizer/mortar team: 150--plasma guy/autocannon team/hvy bolter team: 200--missile launcher team: 250--lascannon team: 300 

(But it's all grunts in this version)


-Added 10 new animations for the Atomizer

-Added 2 new soldier window animations

-Added a "freakout" animation when a charge fails

-Changed the animations in hand to hand combat

-Added multilayered sounds in hand to hand and shooting

-fixed some of the ridiculous gun drawings

-fixed shooting coloration for red duckers shooting

-Fixed the double grenade booms

-Fixed the annoying multiplied scream sounds when fleeing by the enemy

-Fixed the annoying repeated bushes sounds when shooting over bushes


-Semantics tweaked in the message when bushwhacking isn't an option.

-Got rid of the "PERFECT COHERENCY" alerts and other repetitive coherency messages.

-Set various alert messages to the proper color 


-Fleeing is finally fixed, and operates perfectly!

-Tweaked the charge and flee pathing a little bit, separating hung up soldiers and hopefully helping chargers reach their goals

-Fixed a bug causing soldiers occasionally to drift all over the map.

-Got rid of bug causing crashes if you click on somebody in mid charge

-Got rid of bug causing crashes when clicking on someone when no leader exists

-Gave some attention to the swamp and deep water codes, which were causing crashes and range finding problems