Star Space (The Game) 1.3.3
Here you go! Still needs major cosmetic changes as regards graphics and sound especially, but almost the whole game is completely revamped now, and should be hopefully about 5x as user friendly and fun as last version :)

Introducing a new soldier type: The REBEL!


-You may now pick your Fighting Force, and that annoying interface at the beginning of the game actually does something! Right now it only means you play either regular soldiers or Rebels...

-There's a new troop type: REBELS! Instead of being plunked down one per level like the Atomizer, these are determined by what Force you pick in the beginning. For now if you pick Death Korps, Long Knives, Imperial Forces, City States or Noble Houses, you get regular soldiers, and if you pick Rebels, Heretics, Outlanders, Phanos or the Thieves' Guild, you get Rebels. They have different abilities:

--They move a little faster

--Their armor is a little weaker, and they get killed more easily when they have nothing to hide behind

--They're a little bit braver

--They cost fewer credits, and you get more of them.

--They have different guns, which have a kickback, and damage objects a little differently.

--Instead of grenades, they throw molotov cocktails which start Brushfires.  These can move and spread or die out, and are particularly dangerous in Tall Grass. Atomizer fire can also start brushfires now under the right circumstances.


-There's a cheezy new little text intro

-4 new soldier window animations!

-Red atomizer now has pink hair just like blue atomizer

-Guns look better in the soldier window now

-Lasers look more like lasers now.

-Closeup shooting now varies by weapon

-10 new animations for the REBEL!


-Totally new displays on the left and right side, instead of on TOP of your soldiers!

-unit window shows your force type now, and a force picture!

-added TINTED DICE, for if an atomizer or rebel is rolling!

-no longer keeps telling you you're out of coherency if you're back in coherency!

-you now get told about your OWN troops in cover when deciding to duck, instead of the enemy's.

-the skipping of the duck choice now doesn't happen if there's an atomizer nearby or you're rebels behind light cover.

-finally fixed the overlapping dice :)

-dice start as default visible now that they are all snazzed up :)

-dice which get used as rolling messages but are not actually referring to a number no longer have a place-holder number next to them

-fixed overlapping splash messages


-You now still get a choice to duck, even from assault weapons.

-Fixed the bug of new phases continuing after you already beat a level.

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