Star-Spawn of Cthulhu - Namelists (Stellaris 1.6.0)
Adds a namelist from Lovecraftian horrors into Stellaris.


This modification is lovingly custom-tailored name list of nearly one thousand names for Stellaris that lets players give their custom species, planets, and fleets a touch of genuine horror. This mod uses actual names and labels given to the various cosmic entities described by Lovecraft and other space horror authors that contributed to his mythos. Ships take their names from the various titles of legendary Lovecraft deities (Doom of Shaggai), species characters use deity names (Azathoth), and planets borrow names from actual planets mentioned in the mythos (Yuggoth).

Ship Examples

"Dark One" "Shining Hunter" "Wendigo" "Spawn of the Forgotten" "Great Ghoul" "Lord of Zul-Bha-Sair" "Death Reborn" "Lost One" "Demon-God of Xuthal" "Goat God" "Watery Dweller" "Doom of Shaggai" "Worm that Gnaws" "Worm-God" "Lord of Thule" "Twin Obscenities" "Dweller in the Depths" "Matriarch of Swarms" "Sky-Devil"

Fleet Examples

"Spinners in the Darkness" "Terrors of the Night"
"Legless Horrors" "Masters of the Void" "Faceless Ones"

Planet Examples

Abbith Aldebaran Algol Arcturus Argo Navis Baalblo Yifne
Bel-Yarnak Byldha Bzlah-ech'ya Celaeno Coma Berenices
"Corona Borealis" Cykranosh Etx'ag Fomalhaut Glloesh-Vho

Name Examples

Hypnos Shub-Niggurath Nodens Azathoth
Tulzscha Ubbo-Sathla Yog-sothoth Abhoth Nyarlathotep Tulzscha Ubbo-Sathla
Chaugnar Faugn Tsathogghua Hastur Bokrug Dagon Cthugha Ghatanothoa Cthulhu

New ideas and suggestions are welcome. 

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