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Star Trek 50th Anniversary Edition
Once every 50 years, we entirely drop format, dress up like characters from a TV show, and drink beer that only a nerd would buy. THIS is our Star Trek 50th Anniversary Edition of Category5 Technology TV!

Jeff and I talked about Star Trek, how Star Trek actors rarely make it big outside of Star Trek (with Patrick Stewart as the most notable exception), we fly the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A drone in Studio D, look at a great set of Google Cardboard VR Goggles, the world's tiniest video camera, and whether it can be lifted by either a nano drone or the Starship Enterprise. I'll give you a hint: LIVE TV FAIL! :)

Oh yeah, and we cracked a bottle of "official" Star Trek beer!

Don't miss the fun!

Enjoy the show, and thank you SO much for supporting Category5!!!


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