Star Trek Online: The Crystalline Entity Re-materializes Event
Star Trek Online: The Crystalline Entity Re-materializes Event

The Crystalline Entity Re-materializes  


Crystalline Entity  


Mission: Crystalline Catastrophe  


Hi, I am syfy88man otherwise known as Jimmy Jr I am an MMO gamer and enjoy doing game streaming. I am part of Star Trek Online Fleet called Specialized Attack Squadron for the Federation and on the Klingon side, I am with the Elite Honor Guard. l. I mainly will be doing game stream of the star trek online game. I do daily streams of Star Trek Online and have a Discord channel that you can join me on to chat with me as I stream and if you feel brave to watch my bad game stream, you can join me. I do have some of my good fleet mates from my fleet that will join in from time to time for doing things in the Star Trek Online game. You can find out more info about our fleet and join us by visiting here  

If anyone is looking for Recruitment into my fleet, please look for these players online in star trek online game, these are my recruiters for my fleet and be happy to talk to you  



Please help me out by donating a $1.00 to my Patreon Page. This helps me with day to day things that I do to make these game streams plus also help in getting computer hardware to make these game streams for your followers and for the ones that did join my Patron page Thank you so much for your support, Support the stream:   

For quick donations to me and what I am doing here is my  

If you don't want to go to my Patreon page to help but rather help me by watching my game stream and doing donations on the stream then here is a link for you to donate to me You contact me through… My steam profile

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