Star Wars as told by Shoe0nhead
I have a Special announcement for Patrons! Be sure to read this!, home of Armoured Skeptic, Armoured Critic, Knight at the movies, Blogs, exclusive content and more, is now in full-swing! I'm so happy to have a website to organize my madness!

Because Armoured Skeptic has now been officially  assimilated into the fold, I will now be posting all future videos I make on Patreon. This one I am posting for free, but I wanted to be sure to give you ample warning.

Here's what you need to know:

1) Patreon allows you to cap your contribution. If you only want to pay for the Armoured Skeptic (as I am sure most of you do) be sure to cap your contribution to one (1) or two (2) payments per month.

2) I will still be making a minimum of two videos per-month for Armoured Skeptic.

3) I will be making a minimum of one video per month for the website which will be uploaded on the Armoured Media channel ( - subscribe if you aren't subscribed )


The first video for the website is about the original Star Wars trilogy.

My friend, Shoe0nhead, has never seen the trilogy but she feels she knows about it. I test her knowledge before I show her the movies. This is the result.