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Star Wars - How to use photos for illustration
Hey Guys,

It's been a crazy busy month.  I did an illustration for a new show called "El Chapo" which is a spin-off of the Narcos show on Netflix.  I've learned a ton and it never ends.  Most of us just want to composite photos together and call it a finished piece of art.  However, is that the best final product we can make?  Let's say no!  I say, don't use photos as creativity blocking crutch!  This month I'll show you guys how to use photos as reference and how to take the final piece of art to the next level using this Star Wars piece as an example.  I'll focus on composition, how to do flat coloring, use gradients (cut & grad), and how to use light this month.  Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary!  Let's go above and beyond.  Let's take chances and learn together.  Above is a work in progress preview.  hi-res jpg, psd, process, and video available.  :)