Star Wars - A RimWorld Series - The Force A17
 Adds RPG-leveling, alignment, and force powers to RimWorld.
Thanks to Jedi Master Ailan for his direction and inspiration in the creation of this mod. Without his help and support this would have never happened.

Quick start notes:For a character to gain force powers, they must start with the force sensitive trait. After spending time working, they will discover their force powers through gaining force XP. Low level force powers can be used by both dark and light sides of the force. Penultimate powers are restricted for pure dark or pure light force wielders.

  • Programming by Jecrell.
  • Assets and XML by Xen.
  • Logo/Art designed by Harrison Gaushell (
  • Nackblad (Jedi robes)
  • Cpt. Ohu (Code - Ability Verb)

If you've got extra to spare, be sure to help out Xen: