Star Wars - A RimWorld Series - Lightsabers A17
 Adds constructable full-SFX lightsabers that can activate, load crystals, and deflect bullets.

Thanks to Jedi Master Ailan for his direction and inspiration in the creation of this mod. Without his help and support this would have never happened.

Quick start notes:

Lightsabers can be constructed at the component assembly bench.
Crystals can be refined at the electric smelter.
Rare crystals can be found out in RimWorld.
Legendary crystals can be found similarly to artifacts as well as in the clutches of Star Wars faction leaders.

Technical Details Information

Lightsabers could be the most extensive C# coded weapons available in RimWorld.
Included on a lightsaber are the following C# libraries:

  • Extra sounds Component
  • Activatable visual effect component
  • Crystal slot loadable component
  • Oversized weapon component
  • Deflection and reflection component
  • Customized lightaber C# library

Most of these elements can be used by other modders by relocating the assemblies to their own mod folder to make their own mods using these components. So if you'd like to make a gun with different kinds of loadable ammunition, or a different sort of laser sword, now is a good time.

Lightsaber Developers

  • Programming by Jecrell.
  • Assets and XML by Xen.
  • Glowing by Erdelf
  • Logo/Art designed by Harrison Gaushell (

If you've got extra to spare, be sure to help out Xen: