Starbuck's Gnome Wizard! (Updated)
Hello folks! First of a long wait of commissions and things, so be on the lookout! I appreciate your patience. I'm going to be moving soon (early October it looks like) to get away from a now not-so-great environment. I'll have some peace and a clear mind this week I think, so I'm itching to get a lot more done >:3 GAH I'VE BEEN WANTING TO PAINT.

Moving on though, I'm really proud of how this on turned out!! I tried to make him a dapper, chipper little fellow, and it was extremely fun designing the details in the clockwork copper canary and the runes on his robe. Gnomes/birds/wizards are among my collection of favorite things so it was a joy to work on this sort of subject haha! O VO

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