Starcrossed - Snot Fair
Being sick sucks. Pair that with the worst luck in the known dating universe and you get Charlie's week. Join in the conversation:
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If you get value out of my work, consider putting some value back in. Every pledge means I can spend more time on work for you! Plus you get to join my little Internet cafe of fun people.

As a patron you will receive:

  • My humble thanks.
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An artist or just a fan of seeing the comic process, this tier is for you! I share a close look at my rough sketches and process for each strip. Unlike the finished strip, which is public, these process posts are for Pencil Pusher patrons only.

As a Pencil Pusher you get:

  • Everything from the Discord level above.
  • A look at the rough pencils and creative process behind my Starcrossed comic strips.
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