Stardew Valley Penny Free Cross Stitch Pattern

I finished testing Penny last month and forgot to upload it! Man, keeping up with updating social media and such is exhausting!

I've already stitched up Harvey as well, so he'll be next up on the Stardew Patterns, but I've got a few more new patterns in the works as well.

Lastly, one more remainder to all my patrons to send me their address if they'd like me to send them an acrylic charm. (see last post)

I'll be sending them out Wednesday, so get your address in quick! Patreon only tracks your address if you're pledged at a tier that normally requests it ($15+).
Since this is kind of a one-off, those of you pledging at lower tiers will need to send it manually. Sorry. D:

Edit 9/14/2018: Making this public since it's also in the preview for the upcoming book

Update Feb 2022: I have spent many hours redoing all my PDFs this year. Changes include removing discontinued colors, giving specialty thread alternatives, and listing stitch counts. Please do let me know if there are any errors with the new pattern!

I've also included a plain, Pattern Keeper friendlier version. As I don't use PK, it would be helpful if you let me know if it has any issues importing certain symbols or colors. (Besides, of course, backstitching and quarter stitching on certain designs.)

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