Hello Dear Patrons! Thank you for your support this month.  I appreciate each and all of you so very, very much. 

While the New Mexico winds howl and the dust storms blow and we wait for clement weather to shoot the next video, which must have some footage of the Rio Grande in it, this song popped in last week and demanded that I make a Celestial Blue version of it. 

I've always loved this song. Love Willie Nelson. This song reminds me of riding in the car with my grandfather. He had a lovely singing voice and always smelled like mint gum and cologne. He was much more sophisticated than I am. He liked jazzy stuff like Stardust and Sade and Simply Red...

Anywho, when I sat down with the lyrics to this song, it struck me that it's so much sadder than it sounds in the traditional version. It's really tragic, about late night, sleepless, lonely reminiscing attached to a tune. So that's how I did it up. I hope you like.

P.S. I'm conscripting piano movers ;p soon so that I can get a better angle, sound, rearrange my music space/office etc. for now, just trust me, this is the best angle I could get..it's crazy how sketchy it was to get it this good...no iPads, pianos, people, dogs or cats were harmed in the making of this video...but it was a near thing!