Stardust to Stardust
My David Bowie tribute. Today is the first day I didn't spend my entire morning crushed and red-eyed. I know it may seem excessive to feel this much sadness over a stranger, but this loss did more than take a chunk out of pop culture — he was deep in the foundation of the contemporary personal narrative, doubly so for artists. I can count my heroes on one hand, and he was one of them. The rest have been gone a long time.

This is the only piece of art I've ever made (and with record speed!) while down in Teh Sads.  Strangely, spending over twenty hours marathon-stippling through the tears and throbbing tendons actually helped me process my grief – another testament to Bowie's lasting influence and legacy.

It's beautiful to see that so many people share this sadness, even though it's a different shape for everyone. Seeing the tributes pour in, reading people's thoughts. It's a galaxy of love and it will help us the through this and create with renewed fervor. At least that's how it's been for me.