Starfall High Alt. Ending
Hello everyone,

As Val toils away on chapter 3, I've begun to expand the world of Starfall through a spin-off prequel comic (the first part of which is written and drawn by Defne), and a partnership with Server Panda, who has her own Patreon and webcomic  you should check out.

The first part of the prequel comic can be seen right at, so if you haven't checked it out yet, you can! 

As a visual aide this time around, one of our very own patrons, Martina, doodled this up as an alternate ending to the prequel. She gave me permission to share it, so that's what I've come here to do. Martina has a book you should read about gay secret agents that battle goblin kings and conspiracies, time travel, pilgrims (or puritans), immortality, cyborgs, Twitter, and all kinds of other stuff that should be bananas but is strung together expertly and forms a very cohesive universe (I read it - it was fucking fantastic) and a doodle-y webcomic  with comics that range from gut-busting to highly chuckle-able. Check them both out for a heavy dose of good times.

Lastly, out of ennui, sadism, and the need for a bit of on the fly innovation, I've pinned a challenge on my Twitter. For every like, I'm reporting a real plot point that, as of my posting, is non-canon and will never be incorporated into the final comic. Insane? Totes. Here are the plot points that are no longer spoilers (so far):

1. Elly is reunited with a alternate universe version of Solomon. He can't stay, but she's able to unburden herself of her guilt and find closure. 

2. Violet sits down with a table full of demons to play a game of cards in order to win back her lost memories. 

3. Joan serves as a distraction during Elly's escape, providing time and space for Violet and Elly to "reacquaint" themselves. 

4. Elly attempts to bake a cake. The sitch goes horribly awry and she winds up cleaning up with Solomon in a cheesy love scene. 

5. Solomon's murderer is arrested and Elly is cleared of all charges. 

6. @Supraliminalflm podcaster, Mike, (I've heard) all around teddy bear of a guy, cameos. His cameo culminates in a ruptured testicle.

7. One of Elly's colleagues is a super model with super powers called Super Model. ...yes, I am dumping this one quite happily.

8. Mimevolent is made immortal by the healing power of the staff of Hermes.

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