Stargazer Daily Scope 3/17

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DAILY SABIAN SYMBOL: The Harvest Moon Illumines A Clear Autumnal Sky

GENERAL FORECAST: Major themes of the week are swiftly revealed today with Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Mars, Pluto and Saturn all locked into a pretty tight collaboration. Mars signals the Nodal Axis over the coming days, and building the bridge from the past to the future is enhanced by the ability to be efficient as well as imaginative. Venus, Jupiter and the Leo Moon have their attention turned to brighter and more uplifting prospects, meanwhile, and could represent distractions to the more pressing issues at hand. Not an enormously consequential day on it's own, but a good one for evaluating what you would really like to accomplish this week and to form a realistic plan. With Mercury still retrograde, you want to leave yourself a little wiggle room where things might not go as expected! 


Higher emotional planes and spiritual connections. Finding the true family, where you feel at home. 

The Moon is ACTIVE all day from Leo.


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