Starlene CosplayPack 19

And with this we have the last release of 2018, or the first of 2019.

In the end I reached 3/4 of what I set up to do in December. I feel pretty good about it considering I started experimenting midway. Speaking of which, you might be a bit surprised on just how many parts of this outfit don't "stay in place".

Always make sure to check the requirements first if something doesn't work right off the bat.
Enjoy! o/


This contains 6 clothing items, details are in the readme.txt file.

Colorable? Yes.

Other details: Very basic half states.

Download here.

Password: 6814bidfgskfre8

Update (01-01-2019): version 1.01:
- Made sure additional bones would be inserted.


I've left a lot of work behind these past two weeks so I'll need to catch up on it. But still, during the following days I have a couple of patron requests I need to finish up, as well as opening the card page of the website, so look forward to that.
Cheers, and have a nice 2019! o/

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